Historically where final adjustment to carriageway and footpath ironwork is required, contractors and sub contractors have used quarry tiles, brick slips, cut bricks or whatever comes to hand, in conjunction with sand and cement mortar or fast setting mortar. SHIMPAC planks and collars can provide a final reinstatement first time.

Numerous County Councils, Local Authorities, Water Companies and Civil Engineering / Asphalting contractors now select SHIMPAC because it solves their ironwork problems.

Shimpac Approved for use by utility companies and Highway Authorities.
Shimpac Complies with requirements of the Highway Agency Specification.

From our distribution depot and network of distributors we currently supply Shimpac products nationwide.


Why use Shimpac

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 is now fully operational. No allowances are made for carriageway and footpath ironwork which does not conform with the act.

So if this is your problem...

Then Shimpac is the answer


Since the first installation of Shimpac in 1987
there has not been one known failure




Ironwork Before Shimpac

Drain before Shimpac


Ironwork After SHIMPAC